cottage backpacking gear directory

with thanks to odd man out


2QZQ Hammock Specialties - Hammock modifications and accessories.

AntiGravityGear – Cook systems, cozies, wide range of accessories. Scouting discount

Arrowhead Equipment - Hammock related gear (tarps, underquilts, etc), cooking accessories, DIY.

Bear Paw Wilderness Designs – Tarps, tents, shelters, accessories, stuff sacks, water bags, DIY.

Big Sky International – Freestanding tents.

Black Rock Gear – Down hats, vests, gloves and pillow. – Alcohol stoves made from aluminum bottles.

Brasslite Backpacking Stoves – Adjustable alcohol stove.

Bushbuddy – Wood burning stoves.

Butt in a Sling – Hammocks and accessories.

Dirty Girl Gaiters – Colorful gaiters.

DIY Gear Supply – Materials and fabrics for building your own gear.

Elemental Horizons – Backpacks and accessories.

End2End Supply – Stoves and accessories.

Enlightened Equipment – Sleeping quilts.

Equinox LTD – Packs, shelters, accessories and more.

Etowah Outfitters - Tarps, pack covers, rain wrap, stove, ground cloths.

Feathered Friends – Down sleeping bags and clothing.

Four Dog Stoves – Multi-fuel stoves for cooking and heating, wilderness living, and more.

Gossamer Gear – Backpacks, sleep pads, trekking poles, and more.

Goosefeet Gear – Down booties and pillow.

Hammock Gear – Hammock tarps, quilts and accessories.

Hawk Vittles food – Dehydrated meals

Hennessy Hammock – Hammocks and full range of hammock accessories.

Hyperlight Mountain Gear – Cuben fiber backpacks, shelters, sacks and accessories.

Integral Designs – Tents, tarps, bivys and accessories.

Jacks R Better – Hammocks and full range of hammock accessories.

Katabatic Gear – Down quits and bivys.

Kifaru - Survival oriented gear line.

Lawson Outdoor Equipment – Sleeping pads, containers, tent stakes, and miscellaneous accessories.

LightHeart Gear – Double-wall tents and accessories, fabrics for DIY.

Luke’s Ultralite – Apparel, rain gear, cuben items and accessories.

LuxuryLite – Camp cot, and other accessories.

LW Gear – Backpacks, DVDs, books and videos.

McHale Alpine Packs – Custom fitted backpacks.

MiniBull Design – Alcohol stoves and accessories.

Moonbow Gear – Packs, shelters and other unique gear. Custom manufacturing.

Mystery Ranch - Military and civilian multi-purpose backpacks

Nunatak – Down quilts and apparel.

Mountain Laurel Designs – Backpacks, shelters, sleep systems and more.

Outdoor Equipment Supplier LLC – Tarps, shelters and accessories.

Outdoor Herbivore – Vegetarian and vegan backpacking food.

Outdoor Trail Gear – Co-op of 9 cottage companies. Hammock accessories, pots, stoves, and more.

Oware – Shelters, bivys, sleep systems and accessories.

The Packa – Rain jacket/pack cover combination

Packafeather – Alcohol stoves with adjustable heat outpus.

Pack it gourmet food – Backpacking meals, dehydrated grocery items, and camp kitchen gear.

Purcell Trench – Campfire grilles and accessories.

QiWiz - Wood Burning Stoves, saws and trowels

Ray Jardine – DIY kits for shelters, sleep systems, and more. Book, videos, and guides.

RBH Designs – Vapor barrier clothing.

Ruta Locura – Trekking poles, tent poles, carbon fiber and titanium accessories.

Seekoutside Tipis - Tipi style tents.

Simblissity – Gaiters, bug nets, and accessories.

Six Moon Designs – Backpacks, shelters, rain gear, and accessories.

Slinglight Camp Chairs – Camp Chair

Solo Stove – Wood-burning stoves.

Stephenson’s – Tents, sleep system, vapor barrier apparel.

Suluk 46 – Bug bivy, frame sheet, and various titanium gear.

Super Cat Alcohol Stove – DIY instructions for the Super Cat Stove.

Tarptent – Tents and shelters.

Tewa – Underquilts for hammocks.

Titanium Goat – Tipi shelters, tent heaters, bivys, down apparel and more. DIY materials.

Trail Designs – Caldera cooking systems, food, pots, stoves, and accessories.

Tato Gear – Stoves (wood, alcohol, DIY), hammock hardware.

Ultralight Adventure Equipment – Backpacks, rain kilt, sleeping bag.

Underground Quilts – Top quilts, bottom quilts, hammock tarps and accessories.

Warbonnet Outdoors – Hammocks, tarps, quilts and accessories.

Western Mountaineering – Down sleeping bags and apparel.

White Box Stoves – Alcohol stoves.

Whoopie Slings – Hammock and tarp suspension systems and accessories.

Wilderness Logics – Hammocks, quilts, tarps, and accessories.

Wintergreen Northern Wear - Cold weather clothing

Yama Mountain Gear – Tarps, shelters, net tents, DIY, and accessories.

Zelph Stoves - Alcohol stoves, wood stoves, stove accessories.

Zen and the Art of Alcohol Stoves - Information and guide to alcohol stoves

ZimmerBuilt - Custom made backpacks

ZPacks – Tents, tarps, sleeping bags, backpacks, apparel, and accessories.